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Dubai City Guide

Dubai City portal to get latest of Dubai City Guide. Along with the details of Dubai City Guide you can also find out about Dubai City for Business, Jobs, Investments, Travelling and Entertainment in Dubai.

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Dubai City Guide

Looking at the gleaming metropolis of 21st century Dubai, it is difficult to believe that just thirty years ago Dubai was little more than a desert-strewn wilderness where Bedouin tribes roamed the sands and a huddle of settlers crowded around the banks of the lifeblood creek. Even as Europe embarked on the mass industrial destruction of the First World War, Dubai still had no running water, no real roads and the main mode of transport was the camel.

Dubai first grew as a hub on the ancient trading route between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. By the 19th century, a small fishing village had taken root on the Shindagha peninsula, at the mouth of Dubai Creek. The village was inhabited by the Bani Yas tribe, who were led by the Maktoum family, the dynasty that still presides over Dubai today. The city's remarkable success story really began in the 1960s. During the process of shaking off the shackles of British colonial rule, oil was struck in 1966 and Dubai has never looked back. Since the 1960s, the population has increased tenfold to over a million people, largely through expat labour, making it one of the most cosompolitan places in the world. Emiratis represent only around one fifth of the total population.

Dubai's evolution has been dramatic, with sweeping skyscrapers and glittering office blocks rising up on the banks of the Creek and along Sheikh Zayed Road, site of the new Dubai International Financial Centre. Development has been well managed, with a structure and order to the city that demonstrates that the oil wealth has been well handled and channelled. The rulers of Dubai have a penchant for grand projects - one year a new extension to the port facilities, the next the world's tallest purpose-built hotel, the world's largest artificial islands, and now the US$18 billion Dubailand, a huge conglomeration of leisure projects, sport, resorts, shopping malls, residential and theme parks.

With year round sunshine, and minmal rainfall, Dubai's idyllic holiday climate is attracting increasing tourist numbers every year. Tourism is rapidly becoming one of the Emirate's biggest industries, with over 400 hotels in existence and dozens more under construction. A huge expansion is planned for Dubai Airport, which is set to quadruple in size. Dubai's own airline, Emirates Airline, is the fastest growing carrier in the world adding new destinations every month.

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